Dataly is a creative studio specialized in information design and data visualization.

Based on the analysis of information and data, we develop strategies and generate content to transmit ideas and knowledge in a rigorous, creative and innovative way through high-quality graphic design in order to achieve an attractive and visual means of communication.

Depending on our customers’ needs, our working method can range from using information architecture to generating content in which graphic design plays a significant role.


To carry out the projects we start with the information and data supplied by our customer. The following workflow is developed from there on:


Dataly’s team is led by Germán Molina in collaboration with specialists in information, talent management, communication and design, thus encouraging a multidisciplinary approach.

Germán Molina holds a Degree in Business and Economics, a Master in Business Administration (Executive) and a Master in Graphic Design and Communication.


Our services are oriented towards information design, the communication of ideas and the development of strategies. By combining analysis and creativity, we help companies and institutions to convey their messages in an attractive and rigorous way through different formats.



Information design


Editorial design

Corporate image

Web design and motion graphics videos


Corporate communication

Information & data analysis and synthesis

Interactive data visualization for decision making, dashboards creation

Data communication (infographics, presentations, annual reports, etc.)

Writing texts for annual reports, catalogues, websites, blogs, social networks, etc.

    Producing newsletters, presentations, press releases


Scientific and academic communication

Interactive visualization of databases, creation of observatories, etc.

Editorial projects: copyediting and proofreading, edition and layout of articles, books, doctoral theses, textbooks, etc.

Edition of scientific articles


    Infographics, motion graphics videos, scientific results and data presentations



Strategic design and design thinking

Communication strategies

Content marketing plans

Organizational improvement plans and projects